Who We Are

ProGroup is a Technology Company with offices across California. We provide turnkey IT (information Technology), DT (Design Technology) and IS (Information Systems) products and services. We were founded in 2006. We believe that a company must have a living, breathing soul if it expects to bring any true value to those it serves.                                                 

Our CORE Values are RIATI

Which stands for Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork and Innovation

Philanthropy and Sustainability  are major goals that we incorporate in everything we do:

We support over 100 charities and have developed a number of programs to create awareness, synergy and engagement with our clients. Our SRS (Sustainable Reprographic Services) Program donates the proceeds from our clients’ paper recycling to charities of their choosing including The Boys and Girls Club, Taller San Jose and many others.


ProGroup has launched a program for STEM Teachers to register and create a Project Board which contains information about their class and its STEM projects. Teachers can upload photos and list the materials and products on their wishlist to make their projects a reality. Teachers can share the link with parents, corporate friends, etc.

Sponsors can support teachers’ projects in 2 ways:

  • Register their company to direct a portion of the proceeds of their purchases from ProGroup to the class and or project of choice.
  • Share PG Shares on Social Media….like us, share us!

How it Works

Once a teacher has registered a project, ANYONE who purchases from ProGroup may designate their “donation credits” to go to a project.  Companies may designate multiple classes and projects. Once enough donation credits are achieved for a project, the products are purchased and delivered by ProGroup. We will post photos, thank yous, stories and videos of projects to allow the sponsors to see the results of their participation.

What is the Upside

All companies already make some form of technology purchase….phone service, internet, cell service, computers, custom programming, software, etc. Our children and teachers need more and better technology in the classroom if we want to develop the next generation of Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians, Physicians and Artists. You can make a difference without doing anything different than you already do…except register.

What is the Downside

We can’t think of anything.